Photography © Bradley M Jones

This 4,500 SF 1916 stone cottage “Playhouse” was restored and adapted as a guest house. Existing double parlor rooms were recreated as bedroom/sitting rooms with small bathrooms added at core areas. The existing main entrance and family mudroom entrance were maintained while adding a new connecting stair to the existing run between basement and upper levels. A new custom kitchen and family room were created at the upper level of the large attached gable structure with a new family TV gathering space below. All new plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems were installed. The existing rustic marble exterior walls were cleaned and repointed and a new slate roof was installed. Rustic stone mantels on the interior were also restored at the working fireplaces. Existing lead glass windows and door panels were repaired and restored.

Complete interior design services were provided including the restoration of existing furniture, paneled woodwork, lighting and the integration of new furniture as needed.